Beberapa waktu ini, saya kerap kali menghadiri sesi ataupun meeting yang menggunakan dalam proses penyampaian materi ataupun gathering feedback. Mulai dari meeting terkait pekerjaan saya di kantor sampai sesi belajar antara siswa dan guru pun banyak yang menggunakan tools tersebut. Mengapa bisa menjadi se-populer itu? Ya, kalau dipikir-pikir, alasannya karena menghasilkan word cloud dari data-data yang diinput oleh usernya sehingga baik pemateri ataupun peserta bisa gathering instant feedback dan mendapatkan gambaran terkait proporsi data dalam suatu kelompok. …

I tried an exercise from Introduction to Data Science course from In this exercise, based on what written in the course description, we will be able to identify various objects and faces (even gender and age) in images.

This is the image showed in the exercise detail page which shows the result of using IBM Watson as visual recognition tools

Actually, the exercise page listed down the step by step which needs to be executed to get the result above. But, when I follow it through, I think there are slight changes in the IBM Watson interface which got me confused. After some exploration in the page itself, I finally found my way to make it work. In order to prevent…

C: What should we do to finish this backlog faster? We need this by the end of this month to prevent the catastrophic effect. I will give you more engineers. Let’s focus on finish it as soon as possible.
A: Hmm, thank you, boss, we will do our best.

It was a short conversation between my boss and me some time ago. My boss tried to support the team to finish the backlog soon by adding frontend and backend developers into the team. That time, the naive Monika thought it will work and felt grateful regarding it. Until, two weeks…

I had to fill my Q2 performance review this week, and I got stumbled in a question that asked me to assess my leadership/adaptation skill. I found it was difficult to answer that part. Still, after thinking about it for a day, I ended up writing, “I think I am a (proud) shit umbrella for everyone.”

Shit umbrella illustration from Roadmunk

I first heard about the term “shit umbrella” in a webinar session from a Google PM, Israel Shalom. My first response after knowing the word was, “OMG, there is a term for what I think I am experiencing now. It is a relief to…

This is my first post on Medium. I try to start writing, so, the lessons learned I got can be used later or maybe and hopefully can be useful for other people also.

Am I a PM? Identity crisis :(

In this Medium account, I will mostly talk about what I think a product manager is after becoming one for about 4 years (OMG!!! I am so old). I will not say that I know my shit, because most of them will be based on my experience. …

Monika Sembiring

Product manager | Data enthusiast

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