Membuat Fancy Workcloud Detective Conan Menggunakan Python

Sneak peek Detective Conan chapter 1061; lihatlah ekspresi semua agen FBI tersebut. I can’t wait the next chapter.
Word cloud default
  1. Word cloud yang di mask ke PNG Conan
# save mask to conan_mask
conan_mask = np.array('data/mask/conan.png'))
# instantiate a word cloud object
conan_wc = WordCloud(background_color='white', max_words=2000, mask=conan_mask, stopwords=stopwords, colormap='twilight')
# generate the word cloud
# display the word cloud
fig = plt.figure()
fig.set_figwidth(14) # set width
fig.set_figheight(18) # set height
plt.imshow(conan_wc, interpolation='bilinear')
Word cloud yang di mask di gambar Conan
# create coloring from image
image_colors = ImageColorGenerator(conan_color)
Gambar asli
Word cloud yang dengan warna dari gambar asli di atas



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