So, Am I a Product Manager?

This is my first post on Medium. I try to start writing, so, the lessons learned I got can be used later or maybe and hopefully can be useful for other people also.

Am I a PM? Identity crisis :(

In this Medium account, I will mostly talk about what I think a product manager is after becoming one for about 4 years (OMG!!! I am so old). I will not say that I know my shit, because most of them will be based on my experience. Sometimes, I do not know whether it is right or wrong since all of my PM stories are an autodidact (in this point I really hope for a mentor #after4yearswork #comeonmonika #hiks #butIstillhopeforamentorifyouwant).

Do I know my shit?

But, one of the most important things I grasp in my whole 4 years of PM life is about internalization, and I believe it makes a product manager product manager. Therefore, I will not hesitate to share my story. Just correct me if I am wrong, ok? This will make us grow together #eaaaaa

Internalization makes product manager product manager
This is how and what I am thinking now

Besides product management, I might also share about data analytics and UX since they can not be separated with PM, and I am really into it.

You say yourself a PM, dude?

I hope you guys enjoy this blog. I sincerely pray that all of my sharing in this blog can be useful for everyone who read it.

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