[Update 2020] Image Classification with IBM Watson Visual Recognition

This is the image showed in the exercise detail page which shows the result of using IBM Watson as visual recognition tools

Lab overview:


IBM Watson Visual Recognition (VR) is a service that uses deep learning algorithms to identify objects and other content in an image. In this hands-on lab, you will use Watson VR to upload and classify images.


After completing this lab, you will be able to:

  1. Access IBM Cloud
  2. Add resources to your IBM Cloud account
  3. Add services to your IBM Cloud account
  4. Create a project in Watson Studio
  5. Analyze images using Watson VR

Exercise 1: Create an IBM Cloud Account


To access the resources and services that the IBM Cloud provides, you need an IBM Cloud account.

Task 1: Sign up for IBM Cloud

1. Go to: Create a free account on IBM Cloud

Task 2: Confirm your email address

1. An email is sent to the address that you signed up with.

Task 3: Login to your IBM Cloud account

1. On the Log in to IBM Cloud page, in the ID box, enter your email address and then click Continue.

Exercise 2: Create a Watson Studio Resource


To manage all your projects, you will use IBM Watson Studio. In this exercise, you will add Watson Studio as a Resource.

Task 1: Add Watson Studio as a resource

  1. On the Dashboard, click Create Resource.

Exercise 3: Create a project


To manage all the resources and services that you are working with, you should create a Watson Studio Project. You will begin by creating an empty project, and then adding the resources and services that you need.

Task 1: Create an empty project

  1. On the Watson Studio Welcome page, click Create a project or New Project+ in Recent Project section.

Exercise 4: Add a Watson VR Service instance


This project will focus on analyzing images, so you need to add the Watson Visual Recognition Service. You will also need some images to analyze, so follow the setup steps below to ensure you are prepared.


Before you begin this exercise, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Collect a set of at least 20 images. You can use your own images, or download them from the internet.
  2. Store the images in an easy to find location.

Task 1: Add the Visual Recognition Service

  1. To add services to the project, click Add to project.

Task 2: Analyze images with Watson VR

  1. Now you can see all the built-in image classification models that IBM Watson provides! Let’s try the General model.
  2. To analyze your images, on the Models page, under Prebuilt Models, in the General box, click Test.

Task 3: Share your results

Follow us on Twitter and send us some of the funniest and most interesting results you found with IBM Watson Visual Recognition!



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